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Made a few fixes and enhancements to Zombie Corn animation since the first time around i was cramped for time. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!
Dr. Mangor

Click here for Zombie Corn!

Zombie Corn Redux - starring Suicidal Suzi and Squirmboy

Hello everyone in Newground land! I added some lost tracks/animation to the ending of "Oh Fetus Tree" . Also tweaked a few things especially in sound.

Played with my fetus all day. And night. Its qetting a little squishy sometimes. ummmmm ya ....

If you would like to see more adventures of Suicidal Suzi and Squirmboy I will soon be publishing the comic Suicidal Suzi #1. If nowhere else you can keep updated on this book at and where to buy.

And if you missed my halloween special and like corn or zombies, watch ZOMBIE CORN! Also starring Suzi and Squrim.

Until the next appointment...

Dr. Mangor

Oh Fetus Tree! New talking XMAS bulbs at end.  Whiskey and coat hangers!